January Dates

One of our New Year's Resolutions is to take the boys on dates each month and also to go on a date together. Each month we will have a Mommy Date and a Daddy Date and Alex and Edison alternate which parent they go on a date with. I am so excited to spend time with the boys individually. They always get lumped together and then Declan gets special time with Mommy. I wish we could reduce the amount of special time Declan has with me in the middle of the night though. Maybe once that happens, Declan will get his own dates with us. For now, just Alex and Edison get a night out.

Sam took Alex out on Saturday. They went to see a movie, to the pet store to see some animals, and then got frozen yogurt. I told Sam he needs to tone down the dates because he set the bar really high!

 photo JanuaryDates1_zps90aadd0d.jpg

 photo JanuaryDates2_zpsc65392b1.jpg

The next day, Alex drew this picture. Edison and Mom are at home in a box and Alex and Dad are on a date. Funny guy.

 photo JanuaryDates3_zps852fc2fc.jpg

Edison and I went on a date to Walmart. We sat down on the toy aisle and played. This is something I never let them do while we grocery shop so it was a special treat. On the way out, we put a quarter in the candy machine where you get to play until you win. He had a great time. I am a cheap date.

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Olivia said...

Such a great idea! I should talk Kevin into instituting this around here...

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