WTD Drive-In

As a Williston Toddler Days committee member I am supposed to come up with ideas for activities. I am running out of ideas for activities so I started stealing from myself. I showed the other committee members pictures of Alex's Drive-In Movie Party and they loved it so we did that for an activity. There wasn't a very good turnout but the kids who were there were still quite happy with it.

 photo WTDDriveIn1_zps2d819a23.jpg

 photo WTDDriveIn2_zps0585c5a0.jpg

 photo WTDDriveIn3_zps2f7884b9.jpg

 photo WTDDriveIn4_zps01a2fef6.jpg

Snacks and a movie in their own personal space. Total bliss.

 photo WTDDriveIn5_zps4ca95664.jpg

 photo WTDDriveIn6_zps0d27fab2.jpg

 photo WTDDriveIn7_zpsaba11f6f.jpg

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