Documenting Declan (10 Months)

Weight: 18 pounds, 14 ounces
Length: 28.25 inches

My poor baby is the same weight he was last month. He probably wouldn't have been that way a week ago but he has spent the last two days throwing up everything. So as of today, he is holding steady just under 19 pounds. Dealing with a sick Declan has made me miss my curious, wiggling, smiley Declan. He is such a good baby any way he is though. He understands so much and it is weird to look at him and realize that he is listening and not just hearing. He is such a sweetheart and will climb up on my lap and snuggle. I love how he loves.

 photo TenMonths1_zps98ce0c9b.jpg
Perfect handles for carrying.

 photo TenMonths2_zps1abca982.jpg
Going on a trip with Daddy.

 photo TenMonths3_zpsdcb2accf.jpg
We clearly don't feed him...

 photo TenMonths4_zps5b344577.jpg
"My work here is done."

 photo TenMonths5_zpsf8a20bed.jpg
Wrestling with the brothers.

 photo TenMonths6_zpsa2cde5dc.jpg
Playing a circle game and snuggling with Alex's precious stuffed animals.

 photo TenMonths19_zps86321797.jpg
Building awesome towers. And knocking them down.

 photo TenMonths7_zpsc1230035.jpg
He kept knocking out our other baby gate so Daddy crushed all of Declan's dreams by installing a baby gate.

 photo TenMonths8_zps15383df9.jpg
Limes are delicious.

 photo TenMonths9_zps09567a8f.jpg
Alex left a small gum ball on the ground. Declan found it and drooled pink all over his shirt.

 photo TenMonths10_zps0baa4936.jpg
He learned how to climb out of his high chair. Luckily Sam walked by right as he stood up. So then we started buckling him. Then he learned how to get out of the buckle. We are in trouble.

 photo TenMonths11_zps34cd57fa.jpg
He loves balls and found a giant one in his bed!

 photo TenMonths12_zpsd6831613.jpg
He is a keeper. I love his smooshy cheeks.

 photo TenMonths13_zpsdca6de8d.jpg
Anyone hungry?

 photo TenMonths14_zps78a28eff.jpg
"Give me the cookies!"

 photo TenMonths15_zpsf70f83f4.jpg
"Nothing to see here."

 photo TenMonths16_zps207ed517.jpg
Staring and judging.

 photo TenMonths17_zps56fc6bb7.jpg
Oh yes. This stage. Sitting really close to the wall and banging his head into it.

 photo TenMonths18_zps8a6d49e2.jpg
He loves watching Alex and Edison play in the water. Declan usually comes away pretty wet.

This kid has got rhythm. It only take a few notes before he starts bouncing to the beat.

A few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...is always flailing his arms.
...can stand for a few seconds (the most I have seen was 20 seconds). He is now starting to try to stand up in the middle of rooms with no object to push off of except the floor.
...loves drinking out of sippy cups.
...cruises along the couch.
...is always smiling. He will even return a smile while crying.
...thinks the fastest way to get somewhere is a straight line and will climb over anything in his way.
...plays catch with himself for a majority of the day. He throws it, squeals, and chases after it. He throws it like a soccer throw. So adorable because his arms barely reach the top of his head.


Olivia said...

Still can't get over the adorable baby chub!

Holly Decker said...

six things:
1. um, i have five kids and that diaper poop picture made me hurl! that is astounding and you are awesome for taking a picture!
2. i love your life! i am so jealous of you having all those cute cute boys! what a lucky momma you are!
3. dancing. video. amazing!
4. he IS a keeper! where do you get such cute clothes?
5. that one picture of him staring into the oven would be a cute announcement to say that you have another bun in the oven! so cute! :)
6. please let the stars align and may one of your studs marry one of my daughters. amen.

Carissa and Tanner said...

These posts are my favorite ever. They always make my day and your comments are awesome. Oh my gosh he is the cutest sweetest thing. We need a play date this week please.

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