Flannel and Shelbey's Wedding Day

My siblings keep finding really awesome people and marrying them. I hardly know Shelbey but I love her. I was so excited to get their wedding invitation. It was very unique.

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We spent the morning of the wedding making pico de gallo and then headed to the Draper Temple for the 2pm sealing.

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I told Michelle, Sheldon, and Sam that I wasn't going to cry. I noticed one of my siblings was missing and sobbed through the entire sealing. Michelle told me to not bother wearing makeup next time. It was an interesting sealing ceremony but they came out married so it ended up normal. The sealer was just very quirky.

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It was supposed to be snowing on their wedding day but ended up being beautiful. The photographer was totally organized and we only had to stay at the temple for a little while before being released. I do regret not asking for a sister (Michelle, Laura, Shelbey, and me) picture.

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We went to the wedding luncheon and got the food all set out then waited for the happy couple. Then we waited some more. Finally we started eating without them. It was amazing food.

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The boys played in the nursery at the church while they waited for Flannel and Shelbey to show up.

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Some cousins and aunts sang a song. I have a ridiculously good-looking family.

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Aunt LaRae, Aunt Natalie, Justine, Mariah, Alyssa, Diana, Courtney, Aunt Nanette, Christina, Sydney

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When we were all together in Las Vegas for Jacob and Sydney's wedding in December 2012, we took a pregnant people picture.

 photo JacobBrooke18_zpsc83921c5.jpg
Emily, Denae, Laura, Justine

Those babies were birthed.

 photo FlannelShelbey47_zpsf9dbf5bf.jpg
Bryant (Denae's), Declan (my sick baby), Bentley (Justine's), and Makenna (Laura's)

That night, the reception was at the Provo Historic Courthouse. It was a beautiful venue. 

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Michael and Sarah

 photo FlannelShelbey50_zpsbff56a7c.jpg
Sheldon, Michelle, Emily, Sam, Chris, Emily

Declan had a fever of 101.4° throughout the reception. His face was so red.

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While Flannel and Shelbey were busy eating cake, dancing, and removing garters, some mischievous boys were outside wrapping up the getaway car like leftovers.

 photo FlannelShelbey53_zps4bf74273.jpg

They handed out rose petals and the couple departed.

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 photo FlannelShelbey58_zps4debfc96.jpg

The whole wedding was gorgeous and I love that Shelbey followed her heart when making choices; look at that gold dress! Even though it wasn't a classic wedding dress, there was no doubt who the bride was that day. I am so happy for Flannel and Shelbey and look forward to hearing about their adventures and cuddling their babies one day.

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Awwww, this was so sweet!!! :) Thanks for documenting our day!!

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