Can You Crochet?

Edison has used this same blanket since he was born. He started pulling strings out and things just got out of hand. I do not want to wake up one morning and find a kid with yarn wrapped around his neck. However, Edison is really attached to this blanket and I would prefer to replace it instead of just throwing it away with no replacement. Anyone want to make Edison a new blanket for his birthday? Only 26 days left.

 photo Crochet1_zps4ec0ea60.jpg
Please, Grandma Neil! Make me a new blanket!

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I'm so broken!


Geevz said...

Baby blankets are really annoying to make because they take forever and don't start looking good until the end. It's disheartening. But if you find me a pattern you like, I will make you one. It probably won't be done by his birthday, but I'd do it for you :)

Geevz said...

Ok, my lsat comment sounded sort of grumpy "i GUESS I'll do it," but it was really a "I love you enough to do it" kind of comment.

Sarah said...

I still have (and sleep with) my crocheted baby blanket. it is almost a giant knot because my mom just kept tying the loose pieces to each other. It turns 24 next month! I wrap it around Mike's face when he is sleeping and he loves it ;)

Holly Decker said...

we have a similar situation at our house. such a sweet boy! wish i could crochet!!

Janelle said...

I just spent a 1/2 hour looking through all my yarn and notions, and I couldn't find my crochet hooks anywhere. Lots of knitting needles, but those won't work. What would happen if you just cut and tied little knots all the way along the better side and just made the blanket smaller (skinny strip)? He could still snuggle with it, but it won't take up so much room when you need to take it with you places. Just a thought. By the way, Grandma Merkley made that one. That's why it's so soft. I always pull my stitches way too tight.

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