Documenting Declan (11 Months)

Weight: 18 pounds, 1 ounce
Length: 29 inches

We cannot put any weight on this kid. He lost two pounds because he was throwing up so much during the week we were in Utah. I thought he was eating a lot but apparently not enough. I need to feed him more constantly. Poor kid. He doesn't let it bother him though. He is still pretty happy. I am ready for him to be totally healthy and back to his usual happy, terrorizing-the-house ways.

 photo ElevenMonths1_zpsbc2ea678.jpg
Alright, baby. I'm going to ask you one more time. Who unrolled the toilet paper?

 photo ElevenMonths2_zps177cf48d.jpg
Bananas are probably his favorite food.

 photo ElevenMonths3_zps2ccfd9d5.jpg
He thinks Mommy is a jungle gym.

 photo ElevenMonths4_zps6e509a70.jpg
He is doing this with his fingers very frequently. He's pretty hip.

 photo ElevenMonths5_zpsd5fa6942.jpg
Fevery, red cheeks.

  photo ElevenMonths6_zpsad1b535a.jpg
Suspicious eyes. Hilarious.

 photo ElevenMonths7_zpsba165cab.jpg
Everything goes in his mouth.

 photo ElevenMonths8_zps64836639.jpg
Caught. Not even sorry.

 photo ElevenMonths9_zps34bb0d8a.jpg
Sometimes he crawls right out of his pants.

 photo ElevenMonths10_zps103ae975.jpg
He is like a little bird.

 photo ElevenMonths11_zpsd3d032c1.jpg
Messy eater: cottage cheese up his nose, strawberries and pasta on the bum.

 photo ElevenMonths12_zps12401913.jpg
He pulls himself up on everything. Sometimes those things move.

 photo ElevenMonths13_zpsfbf2c158.jpg
Chillin' on a chilly bench.

 photo ElevenMonths14_zpsd8971b96.jpg
Alex and Declan are obsessed with each other.

 photo ElevenMonths15_zps27726f9f.jpg
He gets himself stuck.

 photo ElevenMonths16_zps7e953cfa.jpg
Party on Mommy.

 photo ElevenMonths17_zps59403c6d.jpg
First bloody nose. He climbed up the stairs a few steps then fell back down.

 photo ElevenMonths18_zpsd1fadacd.jpg
What would a monthly update be without a poop picture? I am surprised it took three kids for this to happen. I put him in bed without pants and his diaper fell off. He wasn't painting with the poop but it got smeared from standing in it. Nasty.

 photo ElevenMonths19_zpsc7e7d866.jpg
One day we will have a real pantry instead of a baby with shortening in his hair and a mouth packed with caramels.

 photo ElevenMonths20_zps7137841e.jpg
Magic strings.

 photo ElevenMonths21_zps8e17c77a.jpg
Sleepy eyes.

 photo ElevenMonths22_zpsc056ced3.jpg
Impossible not to smile at this redneck baby.

 photo ElevenMonths23_zps00b91bca.jpg
Wearing Edison and Daddy's coats on walks is much warmer.

 photo ElevenMonths24_zps16a00c1e.jpg
The king of the world.

A few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...does not seem to be very close to walking. I think being sick for a month has delayed him developmentally.
...chatters (dada, mama, baba).
...makes a fishy face by sucking in his cheeks.
...can eat endlessly if he is feeling well. If he isn't, he refuses to eat completely.
...likes to smirk. His facial expressions crack me up.
...pops the pacifier out of his mouth when he sees me getting ready to breastfeed him.
...scratches and claws at my arm while nursing.
...almost got choked out by Alex today (no more Batman cartoons for that four-year-old).
...has been snuggling a lot.
...can climb up stairs but not down (see bloody nose picture above).
...loves making strangers laugh by poking his head up out of his carseat cover and grinning at them.
...still loves music and now he dances and conducts the music.

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Jershelly said...

I'm still waiting for that "take the diaper off and smear poop all over the place" moment too. I don't think I'll feel like a legitimate mom until that happens. Haha.

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