Edison's Birthday in Minot

Our birthday celebrations have become a bit formulaic. Go to Minot, lunch, movie, shopping, etc. The boys love it though. They look forward to it, so we couldn't let them down. We loaded up the car and headed to Minot to celebrate Edison's birthday.

Poor Declan always gets cut out of these car pictures because he is still rear-facing.

 photo MinotBirthday1_zps1a43ba99.jpg

We went to Target and Alex picked out a toy for Edison. Edison was very opinionated about what toy Alex was picking.

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We went to lunch at Ebeneezer's. I wised up and ordered a plate of Irish fries and nothing else. Amazing.

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We went to see The Muppets. We were the only ones in the theater so Declan got to climb around and we did not have to worry about him bothering people. The movie was lame and I almost fell asleep.

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After the movie, we walked down to the water park. Last time we went to this water park, I was 37 weeks pregnant with Declan. It was fun to be able to go down the slides this time. I tried taking both Alex and Edison down on my lap at the same time and it was terrifying. The force of their bodies against mine made it so I couldn't sit up and then we started going really fast. After that I only took one kid at a time.

 photo MinotBirthday5_zps4492ac95.jpg

Declan was really whiny in the water at first but then started splashing. This totally changed his opinion of water. He now loves baths and everything to do with water. I am so glad.

 photo MinotBirthday6_zps9f107ed3.jpg

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We bought the hour pass but they let us stay for an hour and 40 minutes. It was plenty of time and we played hard the whole time.

 photo MinotBirthday8_zps30324297.jpg

Edison ran around pushing buttons on all of the arcade games outside of the water park.

 photo MinotBirthday9_zps1101c398.jpg

Edison wanted pizza for dinner so that is what he got. After dinner, we drove back to Williston.

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It was a fun birthday. We love our trips to Minot and we love our little three-year-old.

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Good idea for birthdays!!

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