Edison's Blue Ombré Party

Blue is Edison's favorite color so I planned a blue party for his third birthday. I got the idea from my sister who threw a purple party for her son since it is his favorite color. I didn't want to worry about getting all the same shade of blue so I decided it would be a blue ombré theme. That way things didn't have to match and I could say it was on purpose!

 photo OmbreParty1_zps134031a1.jpg

I spent way too much time on this cake but I am proud of it.

 photo OmbreParty20_zps45c83cf7.jpg

 photo OmbreParty2_zpsd5418490.jpg

 photo OmbreParty3_zps5fc55c2d.jpg

 photo OmbreParty4_zpsef714a24.jpg

 photo OmbreParty6_zpsfb2c34f7.jpg

 photo OmbreParty7_zps21bad13e.jpg

I made a matching game using the leftover paper scraps from the popcorn cones.

 photo OmbreParty8_zpsc3004ef7.jpg

We played Pin the Blue on the Rainbow.

 photo OmbreParty9_zpscb2de79d.jpg

 photo OmbreParty10_zps9c8ebe0e.jpg

 photo OmbreParty11_zps55747544.jpg

 photo OmbreParty12_zps37778236.jpg

 photo OmbreParty13_zps0c64664d.jpg

All of the kids remembered to wear blue and they were so cute!

 photo OmbreParty14_zps5d112a70.jpg

Edison was very excited about all of the gifts.

 photo OmbreParty15_zps937fc710.jpg

Declan was happy with the leftover wrapping paper.

 photo OmbreParty16_zps9da75322.jpg

We did a prize walk and the kids got to pick a glow bracelet/necklace/whatever once their number was picked.

 photo OmbreParty17_zpscb228f60.jpg

The aftermath.

 photo OmbreParty18_zps606c5ea7.jpg

My three-year-old and me.

 photo OmbreParty19_zps8b3c8880.jpg

Each family got a book and a treat as a party favor.

 photo OmbreParty5_zps2f9e0f00.jpg

Edison got this cool medical kit. He loves listening to the heartbeat of everything.

 photo OmbreParty21_zpsbde45007.jpg

When I finally took down the poof balls the boys had a fabulous time.

 photo OmbreParty22_zpseb79a1b8.jpg

Edison got a cute card from his Neil great-grandparents. It had money in it but he only cared about the dog with the soccer ball.

 photo OmbreParty23_zpsef467e7e.jpg


Olivia said...

Ok, the blue party looked super awesome! I am sad we missed it!

Carissa and Tanner said...

I found it! Oh so many things about this make me smile.#1- that cake was so flipping awesome. Like coolest cake ever. And delicious. #2 Edison was so cute saying thank you and being excited openig presents. Loved that. #3 - Love the pics with his medical kit! So happy he liked it! #4- such fun party favors! I love how you like to party and make all the extra efforts to make things special and fun and memorable. You rock.

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