Happy 3rd Birthday, Edison!

 photo Edison_zps00b038a8.jpg

Is it bad to describe a boy as sassy? I cannot think of a better word to describe Edison. He is so full of attitude. Being a parent to Edison is like being a first-time parent. Sometimes I stare at him completely baffled because we are so different and I have no idea what to do with him. Other times I am surprised at how well I understand him because he is too much like me. He does not listen to anything I have to say which makes me think I have a long 15 years ahead of me. If he stays so cuddly and forgiving then I think I will be able to handle it.


Merkley Jiating said...

Why is the parent video crooked, you ask? Because I struuuuuuggle.

Jershelly said...

Happy birthday Edison! And I feel that way about Porter. Parenting him has definitely been different than Landon.

Olivia said...

Love this post! The videos are such a neat idea; wish I had thought of doing that seven years ago! I love the "I don't know" shrug and mumble and how Edison says "lion!" You guys have some pretty awesome kids! :)

Holly Decker said...

Sally and Edison forever. i am in love with him! cute videos, Em. you are super mom and i am eager to see the pics from the party!

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