March Dates

For our March date, Edison and I left the rest of the boys at home to eat leftovers and we headed out to dinner. He was so cute just chatting my ear off and eating his dinner. Then we went to the store to get a few things for his birthday party.

 photo MarchDates1_zpsefd0a1c3.jpg

It was a pretty awesome date. I even got a goodnight kiss.

 photo MarchDates2_zpsb120aa76.jpg

Alex always wants to watch movies so Sam took him to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

 photo MarchDates3_zps8b5fd50e.jpg

Then they got frozen yogurt.

 photo MarchDates4_zpsea083cf3.jpg

Alex lounges like he owns the place.

 photo MarchDates5_zpsb9a53a5a.jpg

These dates have helped improve the boys' behavior. They have strengthened our relationships with each other and I am so glad we get these little dates with our boys each month.

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