Pizza Day

One of our activities with Williston Toddler Days was to make pizzas. Each family brought their own dough and then we were going to put on the toppings and bake them together. A church in town opens their facilities for us for free so we went there and started preheating the ovens about 20 minutes before everyone was supposed to show up. But the ovens didn't preheat. The church is under construction and the gas was turned off! Everyone was going to be arriving soon and making pizza is not something you can do without an oven. I offered our house and hurried home to preheat the oven. Fifteen toddlers came over to make pizza with us!

 photo PizzaDay1_zps0826ef13.jpg

Pizza is my favorite food to make with the boys. It is only mildly messy, they love choosing their own toppings, and they eat it so well.

 photo PizzaDay2_zps0ae3cf41.jpg

 photo PizzaDay3_zps0958e923.jpg

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Meagan read us a Curious George story about making pizzas.

 photo PizzaDay7_zps112dd32f.jpg

I had to leave to take Alex to school and when I got back, everything was cleaned up. It was a really fun activity. I am so glad I got involved with Williston Toddler Days. It has been a huge blessing in my life here in Williston.

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