April Dates

Edison went on the Daddy Date this month. They went to the store and bought toys. Aye yi yi. I can't micromanage their dates but it is funny the things these boys request to do.

 photo AprilDates1_zps17df6404.jpg

Alex went on a Mommy Date the next day. We got frozen yogurt then went to the park. I haven't played at the park for a long time because I was pregnant or holding a young baby. I left my bag in the car and ran around with him on the playground. I hit my head multiple times climbing up the ladder because I am too tall for the playground! I was winded so fast and I stood to the side to watch Alex play. He kept going and going! His endurance is amazing. I forget how much it means to kids to have a parent see them. Alex just wanted me to be there with him. I need to be better about being more present with these boys.

 photo AprilDates2_zpsbe60eb1a.jpg

We went on our dates early this month and Alex was so disappointed that there are "No more April dates!" I feel the same. I get to regularly date four handsome boys. I don't want to kiss and tell but I am one lucky lady.

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