Baby Shower for Daniell

Daniell is one of my good friends here in Williston. It feels like years ago when she told me she was pregnant and this pregnancy has not been easy on her. I wanted to throw a baby shower for her but another one of her friends had the same idea so we got together and consolidated it into one baby shower.

Daniell is such a tiny thing so her belly looks really big! Her first baby was almost 11 pounds when he was born.

 photo DaniShower1_zps8ecfe102.jpg

Samantha and I spent an hour putting together this awesome diaper tricycle. It turned out really cute.

 photo DaniShower2_zpsc74a4886.jpg

 photo DaniShower3_zps03fe37b0.jpg

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We made a ton of food. It was pretty much everything Daniell had been craving.

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We played a few games. One of them was a game using safety pins. Everyone had five safety pins and then lost a pin each time they said the word, "Baby." I, unsurprisingly, was awful and lost my pins quickly. Another game we played was a game where we guessed how big Daniell's belly is with our own string. Everyone overestimated. Another game was the Naughty Game. Samantha had asked for naughty things Daniell, her husband Chris, and their son Carter had done as kids. Then she read the naughty things and everyone had to guess which person had done that.

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This game had a bowl with rice and safety pins mixed together. While blindfolded, we each had to try to pull out as many pins as we could in 30 seconds. It is ridiculously hard. A pinching technique works really well but we didn't discover that until afterwards.

 photo DaniShower9_zps9321ba95.jpg

Daniell and Baby Kenzie got some adorable gifts.

 photo DaniShower11_zpse1dbb240.jpg

Becky let her baby boy model some of the headbands. Kenzie Jayde doesn't need them yet!

 photo DaniShower10_zps9a1db039.jpg

 photo DaniShower12_zpsa66925ea.jpg
Samantha, Dani, Emily

 photo DaniShower13_zpsb2fc2585.jpg

Update: Kenzie Jayde was born on April 23rd. She was 8 lbs, 6 oz. She is adorable and cuddly and seems so small! Daniell is thrilled to have the baby on the outside and not be waddling and sick anymore.

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