Declan's Birthday in Regina

We have made several trips to Billings and Bismarck to go to the temple but we still had not ventured up to the Regina Saskatchewan temple. It was the weekend we usually try to go to the temple, and it was also Declan's birthday, so we planned a special trip to Regina. Why, oh why can't it be pronounced ruh-JEE-nuh. I always feel so weird saying it correctly: ruh-JY-nuh.

We crossed the border without a problem thanks to our handy dandy passports. I even remembered to leave my pepper spray at home this time! We went to lunch at a little place called Korea House. It was delicious. I kind of wish we had eaten every meal there. The whole area was full of small Asian restaurants and shops. Sam said that we ate in Rechina Town.

 photo Regina1_zpsa457eb38.jpg

We planned to go to a bank and convert our American money into Canadian money but it was Good Friday so the banks were closed! We ended up at a cash advance place and they meant business! Bulletproof glass, checked my driver's license, and tried taking my picture. It was insane. All for me to "sell" my American dollars. The Canadian money looks fake, like Monopoly money.

We went to see Rio 2. It was expensive and I despise 3D movies, but the kids loved it.

 photo Regina2_zps711af493.jpg

We ate dinner at a Greek restaurant called Greko's. It was so good, but way too fancy for how restless and loud the boys were being. The food was amazing though; good enough that I ate it leftover and cold the next day. We went to our hotel and snuggled our one-year-old. Then we put the boys to bed and Sam went to the temple for the 8:30pm session. I am glad he got home safely because my phone was off and I passed out around 9:30pm.

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The next morning we went to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. I didn't know what to expect but I left impressed. It is so big and cool and the displays are incredible.

 photo Regina4_zps48ed89e3.jpg

Alex and Edison were fascinated by the T-Rex. But then we pushed the button and they jumped back and freaked out that the dinosaur was alive!

 photo Regina5_zps1376dea7.jpg

 photo Regina6_zps9891dfe1.jpg

 photo Regina7_zpse6592363.jpg

 photo Regina8_zps28d508d9.jpg

Alex saw this animal and Sam said, "That's a rabbit." Alex looked at him and said, "It is in the snow so it's a snowshoe hare." Well excuse me, my little genius.

 photo Regina9_zpscd39d008.jpg

There was a fun play area downstairs and the boys were entertained for more than an hour.

 photo Regina10_zps7cb70fda.jpg

 photo Regina11_zpsb3c57cd2.jpg

 photo Regina12_zps4b462e31.jpg

Declan finally woke up and joined the party.

 photo Regina13_zps7fbb028c.jpg

Sam took me to the temple and dropped me off. Then he fed the boys lunch and went back to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. That wasn't the original plan but it was so cool!

 photo Regina14_zps2757e31f.jpg

 photo Regina15_zps36292d1a.jpg

After they picked me up from the temple, we went on a tour of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.

 photo Regina16_zps7b212098.jpg

 photo Regina17_zps4fb44870.jpg

 photo Regina18_zps330b0270.jpg

One side of this room has the chairs for the Saskatchewan Party and the other side with fewer seats is for the New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan. They just move the chairs depending on the election results. I asked the tour guide if the more conservative party was in the majority and she said yes, except Saskatchewan's conservative party is more liberal than U.S. liberals. Very interesting.

 photo Regina19_zpsefb1eee4.jpg

 photo Regina20_zps365fd93b.jpg

We saw paintings of some Saskatchewan Premiers and other notable Saskatchewanese.

 photo Regina21_zps151daf29.jpg

 photo Regina22_zps8b34505b.jpg

 photo Regina23_zpsfba4b0c1.jpg

Alex and Edison promptly fell asleep on the drive home and Declan stayed awake and was chattering away. He was being so cute.

 photo Regina24_zps861fb6f3.jpg

We figure this will be our only trip to Regina. We like Bismarck and Billings more and it is easier to not have to deal with the border crossing and money conversion. It was a good experience though, and I am glad we did something special for Declan's birthday.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The Regina Temple looks exactly like the Columbus Temple. Even the parking lot seems similar. I had to look at the picture several times before I could get over my confusion. :)

Carissa and Tanner said...

Rechina town. Awesome. Also saskatchewanese is a mouthful. Looks awesome!

Olivia said...


Janelle said...

Edison is wearing Alex's Baseball shirt!

Geevz said...

That museum looks fantastic! Rechina town made me laugh.

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