Declan's First Birthday Party

I don't know what I was thinking when I had two babies with birthdays only three weeks apart. Clearly I was not thinking about planning birthday parties when I got pregnant. Totally kidding. I would never plan my family around a party. Maybe. I had Edison's party before his actual birthday and then Declan's after. I think we might combine parties in the future if they are up for it but I wanted Declan's party to be his own for his first birthday.

One-year-olds are not interested in playing party games so I invited friends over to watch Declan dig into his cake. Very simple party. I designed the invitation in five minutes and it was a pretty good representation of the low-keyness that would be the party.

 photo DeclanParty1_zpsa5c9fd9b.jpg

Sam blew up 80 balloons for the party. Declan loves balloons and he was so happy to play in them. Although he doesn't look very happy in this picture.

 photo DeclanParty2_zps45797df3.jpg

I like evening parties. I felt like I had plenty of time to get ready during the day and I even got to snap some pictures before guests arrived.

 photo DeclanParty3_zps22c6b115.jpg

 photo DeclanParty4_zpsbbaa8471.jpg

The cake was a yellow cake with whipped chocolate buttercream frosting. The cupcakes were chocolate with delicious magic frosting (made with flour and tastes like heaven). I pulled off the top layer of the cake for Declan and cut up the rest for guests.

 photo DeclanParty5_zps9518b2c9.jpg

The kids walked in and immediately everyone went crazy. It was a mad house. We have had a lot of people at our house before but it has never been like this. Sam attributed it to the balloons. All kids love balloons. I think it could also be that we had twelve adults and twenty kids in a small house with balloons and cake.

 photo DeclanParty6_zpsda43de04.jpg

Some of the moms had to hide out in the kitchen. It was the only safe place!

 photo DeclanParty10_zps688030cc.jpg
Larissa, Maggie, Olivia, Nikki, Karen

 photo DeclanParty7_zps15c6fcf5.jpg

Declan actually got into his cake. I was very pleased.

 photo DeclanParty8_zps2e3dfb21.jpg

He was such a mess!

 photo DeclanParty9_zps3f4df9dd.jpg

 After a costume change, Declan opened his gifts. I really wish I had asked people to not bring gifts. We have so many toys! I am so grateful for all of our supportive and loving friends though.

 photo DeclanParty11_zps481ffdf6.jpg

 photo DeclanParty12_zps9d8a6554.jpg

 photo DeclanParty13_zps7dcd0024.jpg

The photo wall was my only decoration. The kids thought it was hilarious. They were pointing and taking the pictures down and moving them around.

 photo DeclanParty14_zps93b796dd.jpg

The party started in the evening so it didn't last long. We were left with a big mess!

 photo DeclanParty15_zpsef5091b4.jpg

It was still a big mess a few days later. We played with balloons for two weeks. Every time people would come over, their kids would take a balloon or two home with them like a parting gift.

 photo DeclanParty16_zpsd65b5742.jpg

 photo DeclanParty17_zpsc05468c4.jpg

 photo DeclanParty18_zpscc8678ee.jpg

Declan got a cute outfit from Grandma Neil that my brothers wore when they were young. He also got some money from Great Gramma and Papa Neil. I put that in my wallet and it will be used for diapers. Too many toys!

 photo DeclanParty19_zps6bc3dd64.jpg

Declan loves the bubble machine he got for his birthday. It is no joke. That thing makes bubbles like a machine. Oh boy. I am so punny.

 photo DeclanParty20_zps7c4b3d54.jpg

Declan had no idea what was going on but I am still glad we partied it up for his first. Declan is an amazing baby. I am a lucky mom.

 photo DeclanParty21_zps46e40ef0.jpg


Janelle said...

What a fun time for all your family and so many friends. You da bomb.

Jershelly said...

You are so good at throwing parties Emily! Happy Birthday Declan!

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