Documenting Declan (One Year)

Weight: 19 pounds, 6 ounces
Length: 29 inches

 photo Birth9_zpsaa292b13.jpg

Everyone needs a Declan in their lives. I am selfish for keeping him to myself. Declan is happy, loving, playful, inquisitive, obstinate, and fearless. He has made us so happy. I recognize how blessed we are to have a child like Declan. Not every day is perfect but it is so close that I think we will just round up. I am grumpy about Declan growing up but I am also hesitantly curious to see what trouble and successes his charisma will bring. I love that he is old enough to laugh and play with us but young enough to still be entertained by his feet. He is my Declan baby.

 photo Birth18_zps8ec5f288.jpg

 photo Declan12Months1_zps7f6c1198.jpg
Balancing things on his head makes him happy.

 photo Declan12Months2_zps859401df.jpg
He wants whatever someone else has.

 photo Declan12Months4_zpsca73009b.jpg
He tried climbing over the top of the basket but got stuck.

 photo Declan12Months5_zps0937528c.jpg
Shredding paper party!

 photo Declan12Months6_zps7499c0b4.jpg
Riding on shoulders is a little scary with Alex.

 photo Declan12Months16_zps36559749.jpg
But lots of fun with Daddy.

 photo Declan12Months7_zps8e4dac0e.jpg
Too cute.

 photo Declan12Months8_zpsa6d3efc2.jpg
"If I clench my teeth will you stop kissing me?" No.

 photo Declan12Months9_zps64a9cfab.jpg
He made a friend. I can't stop laughing about these pictures.

 photo Declan12Months10_zps6d395751.jpg
He never drank out of a bottle. He is a sippy cup champ.

 photo Declan12Months11_zpsdf295f00.jpg
The bromance with Alex continues.

 photo Declan12Months12_zps4f3c1497.jpg
Best friends.

 photo Declan12Months13_zps9bc478a8.jpg
Afternoon snuggles.

 photo Declan12Months3_zps28f99329.jpg
I should probably take off his shirt before eating. He is messy.

 photo Declan12Months24_zps0a2f520e.jpg
Just put him straight in the hamper.

 photo Declan12Months14_zpsc04db576.jpg
Socks come off immediately after being placed in his carseat.

 photo Declan12Months15_zps19fa3e90.jpg
Tongue and drool are constants around here.

 photo Declan12Months17_zpsa52a823c.jpg
He plays with whatever toys he can find. I have no idea what he likes because he plays with everything.

 photo Declan12Months18_zps91984b26.jpg
He is our entertainment.

 photo Declan12Months19_zps55772815.jpg
He saw his shadow and smooched it repeatedly.

 photo Declan12Months20_zps7b3a8f01.jpg
Why is he so old?!

 photo Declan12Months21_zpsb839ffad.jpg
He can stand for a long time and has taken a few steps.

 photo Declan12Months22_zpsa3b137a1.jpg
He walks around like an old person.

 photo Declan12Months23_zpsaa19ee92.jpg
The oven produces delicious things so it is his friend.

 photo Declan12Months25_zps33754acb.jpg
This car guy has learned to "Vrrrrm" toy cars while pushing them around.

 photo Declan12Months26_zps43bbde36.jpg
Bath time has not always been his favorite but he has developed a love for it recently. Not enough duckies for everyone but plenty of water to splash around in.

A few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...loves climbing the stairs.
...does not really try to walk. He will take one step.
...has two teeth.
...breastfeeds five times a day.
...takes two naps a day. 
...gets hangry (hungry + angry).
...eats whatever I put on his tray but gets sick of it after a while and starts throwing it until I give him something different.
...loves strawberries, bananas, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, macaroni, and whatever he finds on the floor under the table.
...has mastered the pincer grasp.
...gets into drawers and cabinets.
...loves to play catch.
...climbs on top of everything, especially the kids' bathroom stool.
...gives belly blows, open mouth kisses, high fives, waves.
...loves spitting.
...growls back at us if we growl at him.
...has mildly wavy hair! It is curly when wet. Stud.

Declan, we love you so much. We are so glad you are our son. We hope things go your way in life but if they don't, we will always be on your team. I hope you set high goals because I know you can accomplish them. You are so young and yet so in touch. I love how you see the world, everything so new and edible. Happy birthday, baby boy.


Katie said...

What a cute little boy!

Olivia said...

He's such a cute, happy baby! Happy birthday, Declan!!!

Janelle said...

It can't have already been a year. It was just yesterday.

Carissa and Tanner said...

I agree with the how can he be this old!? Geez. He was darling from day one and that sure hasn't changed. Man those cheeks and that smile. So cute!

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