Easter 2014

Sam and I made a concerted effort to focus our celebration of Easter on Christ's resurrection. I feel like these are critical years for the boys and making holidays about the true reason for them and not about the worldly holiday. Each day from Palm Sunday to Easter we read from the scriptures about the life of Jesus and talked about His resurrection.

We kept the focus on Christ but I am all about a good party. And there were a lot of opportunities to party! First we went to the Williston CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau) Easter Egg Hunt. The boys got to find 10 eggs each, take pictures with the Easter bunny, and eat some snacks. I don't know why I didn't stop by the CVB when we first moved here. I am glad I went into the building finally and got some good ideas of things to see around here.

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This series of pictures makes me laugh so much. Declan gets one egg from Alex, one from Edison's basket, and then takes off.

 photo Easter5_zpsf81ce7e2.jpg

 There was a lot of candy on the floor and Declan thought it was his birthday again.

 photo Easter6_zpsc8327c49.jpg

Almost all of the eggs were filled with m&ms.

 photo Easter14_zps4e2362e2.jpg

I planned an Easter egg hunt for our ward playgroup. I asked each person to bring 12 filled eggs per child. Then each child got to find a dozen eggs. It was all fair and happy and I only had to fill 24 eggs. It worked out splendidly.

 photo Easter7_zps48a570e0.jpg
Kara and Jenn

 photo Easter8_zps9f7bafcb.jpg

Alex convinced my friend to lift him up.

 photo Easter9_zpsf026d045.jpg

 photo Easter10_zps862d5f66.jpg

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I made these super cute gifts for the ladies I visit teach, Alex's preschool teachers, and a few friends. The eggs are eos lip glosses.

 photo Easter15_zps1e1245e6.jpg

The library had several egg hunts/storytimes. First we listened to a story then the boys got to make their own bunny ears.

 photo Easter25_zps5505ba32.jpg

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 photo Easter27_zpsc4cdc465.jpg
Edison, Leta, Alex

 photo Easter28_zps76075db8.jpg

 photo Easter29_zps106cec4a.jpg 

There were 600 eggs hidden throughout the library. They were all empty. The kids went to town finding eggs then turned them all in and got a gift bag. It was brilliant.

 photo Easter30_zps67ff61fe.jpg

 photo Easter31_zps2e184097.jpg

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Williston Toddler Days had a huge Easter egg hunt last year. We did it at the rec center and there were so many eggs in such a small area that the kids were stepping on them! We decided to have it at a park this year. We didn't count the eggs, but Kirsten and I spent over an hour filling eggs and I think we went overboard. It was a very cold day (around 35°F) and not very many ended up coming out to the park. The kids were circling the park and choosing the eggs they wanted. Then I would dump the eggs from the boys' baskets into our car, and they would circle around the park selecting their eggs again. The hunt took quite a while before all of the eggs were picked up. I was so happy that most of the eggs were filled with stickers, bouncy balls, and tattoos instead of candy.

 photo Easter16_zpsca03fd47.jpg

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 photo Easter21_zpsa2035eeb.jpg
Dahlia and Cael

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 When we got home and opened the eggs, Alex took all of the chocolate from his eggs and put it in Edison's basket because Alex apparently "do[es] not like chocolate at all." It is bizarre how much that child is like me.

 photo Easter23_zpse665c5e6.jpg

 photo Easter24_zps8cd9d0c4.jpg

On Easter morning, the boys ran upstairs to find their baskets. Sam listened to me this year and only put one jelly bean in each egg. A big improvement over that one year where he filled both halves of every egg and somehow still got them to close. I am glad there was only one candy per egg because they had mastered egg hunts by this point and were opening the eggs and eating the candy immediately.

 photo Easter33_zpse76a34d4.jpg

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We went to church all matchy smatchy.

 photo Easter36_zps7c682b42.jpg

 photo Easter37_zps59485a14.jpg

After church we went to the McBride's for brunch. It was delicious and I took one picture. The kids had a blast playing outside. It was such a beautiful day.

 photo Easter38_zpscc48c35d.jpg

We got home, I made dinner, then we ate again. So much food!

 photo Easter39_zpsa3d65713.jpg

Of course I made the au gratin potatoes. I think it is a tradition now.

 photo Easter40_zpse933c792.jpg

We finally dyed Easter eggs. I planned to do it earlier but we were too busy.

 photo Easter41_zps31cd6c8d.jpg

 photo Easter42_zps7546cf21.jpg

 photo Easter43_zps901316f5.jpg

It was a great Easter. I love teaching my kids and learning beside them. We are so grateful for our Savior's sacrifice and resurrection in our behalf. Happy Easter!


Carissa and Tanner said...

Whew! That is a LOT of Easter festivity! Great pictures and I like the smatchy :) Sad I missed it in person!

Janelle said...

Those au gratin potatoes look amazing. Mine always look one step from being mashed potatoes.

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