Alex's Preschool Spring Program

Alex was "bored" during his Christmas program so we talked to him beforehand about how we have never heard these songs even though he has been singing them a lot. Our pep talk worked and Alex really showed up at the performance. I was laughing and was so proud. Then I started crying.

 photo PreschoolProgram1_zps8b50ac8d.jpg

 photo PreschoolProgram2_zpsfc1bd766.jpg

 photo PreschoolProgram3_zps1a6093e0.jpg

 photo PreschoolProgram4_zps0d8df403.jpg

 photo PreschoolProgram5_zpsa2f2e808.jpg

Alex's scream-singing. I don't think I will ever get over it.

 photo PreschoolProgram6_zps798a799a.jpg

Alex learned so much this year! I am glad his teachers were so patient and kind.

 photo PreschoolProgram7_zpsd8f1bd42.jpg
Miss Lisa, Alex, Miss Cindy

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