Our ward had a luau last year but we didn't get to attend because Sam was running the Fargo Marathon the next day so we were already on our way to Fargo. We heard so many great things about the luau and we were looking forward to going this year.

 photo Luau1_zps71081c69.jpg

They held it at a park and there were so many people!

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Jiahs and Karen

  photo Luau5_zps00f5ed51.jpg
Kirsten and Anneliese

 photo Luau6_zpsa8f6beb5.jpg
Leah and baby Henry

 photo Luau7_zpseb4a6e5b.jpg
The primary kids singing The Welcome Song (We Welcome You) in Samoan

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There was so much food but I wasn't feeling well and only had a few bites. But it tasted good!

 photo Luau11_zpscad3ef62.jpg

They called up the bishopric and their wives to dance. Our bishop is in the BYU sweatshirt. He had only been the bishop for five days by this point. Poor guy.

 photo Luau12_zpsc3d632e0.jpg

The kids were less interested in the luau and they swarmed the playground.

 photo Luau13_zps4250a374.jpg

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 photo Luau15_zps491310d7.jpg

 photo Luau16_zps254760e4.jpg

 photo Luau17_zps318e1375.jpg

So much planning went into this and it was a really cool and fun night. It was a great way to celebrate the end of winter!


Janelle said...

Is that really a pig head???? Gross.

Olivia said...

Super sad we missed it!

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