ME Brunch

I don't know why my brain works the way it does but sometimes I decide to throw parties at the last minute. Mother's Day was coming up, I hadn't done anything for my madre and MIL, so I planned a Make & Eat Brunch to solve that problem. Everything is more fun with friends!

I designed an invitation and sent it out in a text to about a million people (or 20).

 photo MEBrunch1_zps5b2521b7.jpg

We had yogurt parfaits. I wasn't sure how much yogurt or fruit to buy so... parfaits for weeks!

 photo MEBrunch2_zpsbd7d14ae.jpg

Five ladies came over and I think a few of them made one card. I made four. Usually ME Nites happen "after hours" so no kids are around. Having it during the day made it difficult to make anything with all of the kids running around.

 photo MEBrunch5_zps989d730e.jpg
 photo MEBrunch3_zpsf312fff8.jpg

 photo MEBrunch4_zps350b8861.jpg

 My cards for my grandmas, mom, and mother-in-law. According to my MIL, hers was very "unique." Yay for an envelope full of glitter! It was so fun to make these cards. I don't get crafty very often and although they are far from professional, they were made with love.

 photo MEBrunch6_zpsfb0dbd96.jpg


Olivia said...

Yours all turned out so cute!!

Janelle said...

I loved mine. Thank you. I love you.

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