Mother's Day

Two days before Mother's Day I got to join Alex at his preschool for Mother's Day Tea. It was so cute. All of the kids were really excited to see their moms. Alex made me a placemat and then he helped me make ice cream sundaes and we chatted while we ate them.

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Alex is an amazing kid. He surprises me every day with the things he knows and how he feels things.

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On Mother's Day, I was supposed to be to church at 8:15am. Because Band Day was the day before, we were so tired and we woke up at 8:01am. We hurried to get ready and then went to church. I got this cute questionnaire from Alex:

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I was helping lead the kids in their primary songs in sacrament meeting and Alex was ridiculously cute. I had to have him reenact it for me at  home. He sings so well!

I got to Skype with my family, including Elder David. He is doing well and seems to be enjoying his time in New York. My family is the coolest.

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Sam gave me a priesthood blessing (a mother's blessing?) and then I spent the evening making dinner while Sam took the boys on a walk.

I love my three amigos.

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