The Last Day of School

The school year flew by. Alex went from this:

 photo FirstDay2_zps0b8b67ad.jpg

To this:

 photo LastDay1_zps24782058.jpg

So much growing all in one year!

 photo LastDay2_zps375ba274.jpg

I kept all of Alex's papers in a binder throughout the year. He calls it his School Binder and he loves it.

 photo LastDay3_zps5d04f49c.jpg

He showed me some of his favorite projects.

 photo LastDay4_zpsed172bde.jpg

 photo LastDay5_zps10f2ad66.jpg

 photo LastDay6_zps44f9a5d8.jpg

 photo LastDay7_zps60c270fa.jpg

 photo LastDay8_zpsfc21bb5c.jpg

I was so nervous to send Alex to school and it was hard that he had another life that I didn't know about but it has been really good for both of us. I am so proud of my little guy and how well he has done in preschool this year.


Olivia said...

Way to go, Alex! And he seriously grew a ton throughout the year!

Carissa and Tanner said...

I love the project binder. Stealing that idea for sure!

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