Fathers and Sons Campout

Alex and Edison's most favorite thing to do is probably fishing. Second would be camping. So the fathers and sons campout is the highlight of their year. Declan stayed home with me this year but I am really looking forward to next year when they all get to go together, thereby leaving me alone for the night!

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They were one of the first to get to the campground and saw a sign that said, "No open fires." After their dinner of cold hotdogs and no s'mores they set up camp, put on bug spray, and played with the other people who had arrived. The boys wanted to go fishing so they walked out to the water to try to find a good spot but there was no good bank because it was grassy and muddy. They walked through a mosquito field. Every step they took kicked up mosquitoes into their faces so they turned around and went back to the campsite.

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It was about 9pm so the boys said they were tired and wanted to go to sleep. Sam took them back to the tent and, after removing four ticks from them, they got into jammies. They had set up their tent by the main area and there was a party going on so they were hanging out in the tent eating candy. They went out for a short program and then they fell asleep around 11pm.

Declan and I ate warm hot dogs, played some tunes, ate frozen yogurt, and slept soundly through the night.

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The next morning, we got to play alone in the quiet house. Declan gets so little personal attention. He loved having free reign of the house.

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Blurry picture but that face!

Sam, Alex, and Edison woke up to the sound of a guy in the ward singing songs and cooking bacon and eggs at about 6am. After breakfast, the boys ran around playing games with all of the cubscouts that were there for a day camp. They left the campground and found a good place to fish on the way home.

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I put them straight in the bath when they got home. They smelled like camping. Then we hurried over to a local church to attend their Dadfest. The boys bounced around, we ate cotton candy and lunch, and then played with some goats.

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I am glad Sam enjoys doing these things with the boys as much as they enjoy it. Sam is still a kid at heart. It is so fun to play with these boys and watch them play.

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Olivia said...

Awesome! Too bad about no s' mores....we should get together and do that, too!

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