Father's Day

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Sam didn't get to sleep in on Father's Day because we had to get to church. The primary was singing Daddy's Homecoming in sacrament meeting and Alex belted it. Alex also filled out this little book for Sam. I designed them for all of the primary kids and I was proud of them but don't think anyone else cared.

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He brought one home from preschool last month, too.

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When we got home, the boys were so excited to give him the gifts they picked out for him. Alex is always saying that Sam loves candy. So they got him a lot of his favorite candies. And to continue our tradition, they picked out a game for him to play with them: Candy Land!

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Declan freaked out when Alex and Edison tried to take the candy away from him.

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I got to group Skype with my dad, brothers, and sisters that night. It is so fun to talk to everyone together. I filled out a questionnaire for my dad, too. I am glad he laughed because I was giving him a little bit of a hard time. I made Sam a turkey for dinner that night and he thought it was delicious but I must like dry turkey. It was my first time making a turkey and I am not so terrified of doing it anymore! Maybe I won't ruin Thanksgiving one year! I am grateful that Sam is my baby daddy. He is an incredible dad who does more for our boys than we appreciate.

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