Fun with Science

Our latest Williston Toddler Days activity was to make lava lamps. I saw the idea on a blog and really wanted to try it. It was so cool! It was like magic for the kids.

 photo ScienceDay1_zps9458f44e.jpg

 photo ScienceDay2_zpsb49b7122.jpg
Amaias and Kirsten

 photo ScienceDay3_zpse7350e27.jpg
Meagan and Joel

 photo ScienceDay4_zpsdc43e90b.jpg
Stephanie, Dahlia, and Cael

 photo ScienceDay5_zpsf1ed36be.jpg

 photo ScienceDay6_zps7659a155.jpg

 photo ScienceDay7_zps4453bea2.jpg

 photo ScienceDay8_zps9c8cce79.jpg

 photo ScienceDay9_zpsf6ad9e2f.jpg

 photo ScienceDay10_zpsb86e033c.jpg

 photo ScienceDay11_zps50177160.jpg

We cut off the kids' supply of Alka Seltzer and they ran off to play on the playground.

 photo ScienceDay12_zps5792a822.jpg

Instructions for the lava lamps can be found on Our Best Bites.

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Carissa and Tanner said...

Oh I love the boys amazed faces!! So cute!!

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