June Dates

The nice weather has totally opened up our options for dates. However, the boys still want to do the same things each date. Edison's Daddy Date started with a trip to Walmart to look at toys.

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Then they went out fishing. But it was pouring rain so they only got to stay out for a little bit before they got rained out. There is always frozen yogurt to keep the date going though!

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I knew this was going to happen: Alex and Edison prefer Daddy Dates. I am just not very fun! Luckily, Sam still likes going on dates with me. We went to the park to have a picnic and play tennis.

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I am really horrible at tennis. I am not being humble. I am so bad. Sam was using his brand new racket which meant I used his old one. I didn't realize how heavy it was until we traded later on. I felt like someone had given me a dead arm. We went back to our picnic blanket and watched the clouds while we talked. It was very nice.

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For Alex's Mommy Date, we went to the airport to watch the planes.

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We ended up playing I Spy the entire time. Sometimes I can see where Alex is looking when he picks his color and I guess the object right away. But then he tells me I am wrong so I keep guessing. Each time I make a guess he weighs in his mind if that is what he "chose" and then he will tell me if I am right or wrong. It is totally cheating but so cute! And I guess I am kind of cheating by watching to see where he's looking.

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On our way home, we stopped by the Niederhauser's and Alex tried to break their fish tank by climbing into it.

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