June Trip to Bismarck

We headed to Bismarck for our monthly temple trip again. It is so much work to drive four hours just to go to the temple! Each month I try to reason with myself on why it would be okay to just skip this one month; it's a slippery slope. Yes, it's worth it to make the trip but I am really looking forward to living closer to a temple. Normally Sam goes to the session on Friday night and I go Saturday morning but I had a lot of shopping to do the next day so I went on Friday night. I nursed Declan and then left to the temple. Sam got the boys ready and took them to the pool.

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The session was fairly empty. There were only seven women and four men in the session. I felt so clear-headed and comforted at the temple. It was nice to be there.

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When I came out of the temple, I sent Sam a text. He responded, "Hey. The boys are still up. We stayed at the pool until 8:45. Edison peed in the elevator, our neighbors knocked on the wall and then came to our door to complain about our crying kid interrupting their tv watching. I couldn't find a pacifier to help him go to sleep." So... It didn't go well? I was laughing so hard.

The next morning, we dropped Sam off at the temple (another small session; three women and five men) and then I took the boys shopping for picture outfits.

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It rained the whole morning. Heavier rain than I have seen in years. It was exciting and I wanted to run and play in it.

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We started driving home right at noon and got home at 4pm.

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We went to our ward barbecue. It started pouring rain a few minutes after it started and everyone hustled under the trees. Eventually most people went inside the building but the kids were content playing in the wet parking lot.

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