My Boys

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I am really bad at looking at a child and saying if they look like the father or mother. It is especially difficult with my own kids. I can stare at them all day and I still think they just look like themselves. But then I see my nieces and nephews and I can place that certain physical attributes must have come from either the Merkley or Neil sides based on which of their cousins my kids resemble. It has been very tricky. No matter who they look like, our kids are ridiculously cute.

Alex says hilarious things. He makes me laugh every day. Sometimes I look at him and I cannot believe how mature he is becoming. He laughs because he thinks it's funny and not because he sees us laughing. He tells jokes and calls people pet names.

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If I had to pick one child who was most like me, it would be Alex. He has attitude and strong opinions that he voices in spite of knowing the consequences.

Emily: It's cold!
Alex: Freaking cold!

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Alex: Sometimes you are correct, Nug. But I am correct almost always.

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Emily: Go to time out, Alex.
Alex: Ugh. Was it sumsing (something) I said?

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My sister calls Edison "Mini Sam." That is probably true physically but not emotionally. Sam is an even-tempered roll-with-the-punches type of guy. Edison is more mercurial. He can be chill and kind but he is also easy to rile and unpredictable. Little things can upset Edison and he will inform us, "I cwying." He is so polite. But he has a little attitude. The way he says some words makes us laugh, like eyebots (eyeballs) or when he asks for Honey Bunches of Boats for breakfast. I love the way he says, "Heeeey!" like he is annoyed we would have the audacity to kiss him when he is clearly doing something important.

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Emily: Do you remember when we took away your pacifiers?
Edison: Yes.
Emily: Were you sad?
Edison: Yes.
Emily: Do you want them back?
Edison: No, thank you.

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Emily: Who's spitting? Edison, are you spitting?
Edison: I not spitting. I hitting.

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Edison: Mom, a dog starts with a D and a cat starts with a..... Hmmm.... What numba?...

Declan is a lucky boy to grow up with two awesome big brothers. Declan always wants to play. He can go from full playing to totally asleep within a few minutes. He has a schedule that we stick to if we are home but if we aren't home, no big deal, he will catch a nap whenever we find the time. If I hand him something, I'd better be planning on immediately giving him something for the other hand. He is full of all sorts of good things: play, cheer, joy, and love. I am so excited to see his personality grow more and hear what is going on in his brain once his vocabulary catches up.

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It is so fun to watch him learn about the world. One day he climbed into the bathtub, took a bite of the soap, then climbed out.

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Sometimes I dream about working outside of the home. I think I would be happier there. But then my boys do something and I think, "I can't believe Sam is missing this! He needs to come home from work right now and see it!" That's how I would feel every day if I were missing out on those cute, hilarious, or annoying moments. My boys are so precious and I am right where I need to be.

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Carissa and Tanner said...

Posts like these are my favorite.

Olivia said...

You have such cute boys!

Janelle said...

Declan looks pretty worried in the picture on the stairs.

Jershelly said...

Your boys are adorable!

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

You are a great mom and your boys are SUUUUUUPER adorable.

Michelle Lyons said...

"Hmmm.... What numba?... " That is the Boston accent Sheldon was talking about! Haha. I had to read your blog today to get my Merkley kids fix. I miss them.

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