Seeing Williston

Most people have never been to Williston, North Dakota. I am going to start a regular blog feature (sounds so official) to help everyone get to know Williston a little better. It will sometimes be good and sometimes bad. There is a lot of both around here.

Williston's online presence, excluding Facebook, is nil. It is shocking how much information can be found on Facebook though. I belong to several groups for people who want to buy, sell, or trade items. There are groups for people who have lost or found pets, people who want friends, have kids, or are oilfield wives. And there is always room to complain or ask for restaurant reviews as well. There is a group for everyone. One of my favorite groups seems to catch all of the above. One night in May, I was in bed in our hotel room in Bismarck. Three kids were sleeping just a few feet away from me and Sam was at the gym. I could not stifle my laughter when I came across this fabulous listing. Insane rent prices are driving people to the brink. The people in Williston are mostly friendly and mostly strange.

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