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I signed up Alex for a sports camp through Williston Parks and Rec. I expected that they would spend each day learning about a different sport and I was really excited for him to try out a bunch of different things. I want him to choose his hobbies based on his own interests and not my interests. The camp was not exactly what I had in mind though. It was more like 45 minutes of semi-organized play time. The first four days were outside on the college baseball field, but then a pipe burst and the field flooded so the kids had to play inside the ARC for the last four days. They played soccer, kickball, freeze tag, did running drills, obstacle courses, giant parachute, long jump, hurdles, sharks and minnows, and hula hoop games. They started out every day playing Duck, Duck, Goose. We stayed to watch on a few of the days.

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After the first day...
Alex: I don't want to go again tomorrow.
Emily: Why not?
Alex: It's a lot of work.
Emily: Yeah, it's a sport. But it's fun.
Alex: I just want to learn about a sport, not do the sport.

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The next day...
Alex: I really don't like sports camp! It's a lot of work and we have to keep going and it's so hot and I get thirsty.
Emily: You can bring a water bottle tomorrow.
Alex: Can I bring my sippy cup?

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 After the long jump day, one of my friends came up to me and said that she and two other moms were talking about Alex's coordination. All of the other kids were struggling with the jumping and Alex nailed it. I was so proud!

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 By the end of the eight days, Alex was sad when I told him sports camp was over. He said, "I didn't even say, 'Bye' to my friends!" Even though it wasn't what I had in mind, it was still a fun time for the kid.

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