Camera Shy

We loved our pictures from Camera Shy we had done last year so we went back again this year. On the drive to the studio, we smelled poop. We didn't want to wait too long because I was worried about messing up their clothes so we pulled over on the side of the freeway. We were too late.

 photo CameraShy1_zps1a02fcc6.jpg

We stopped at the store and bought Declan new clothes and were only two minutes late to the studio. Declan had two more blowouts during the photoshoot but we just changed his diaper and kept going.

 photo CameraShy2_zps0087cc5f.jpg

Our photographer was not as good with the kids as last time, the boys were not interested, and the air conditioner was broken in the studio. Not a great recipe for success but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the pictures.

 photo CameraShy3_zps4cd9f27f.jpg

We went to the pet store next door and looked at all of the animals then we ate lunch and the boys played at Chick-fil-A while I went back to the studio to pick up our pictures.

 photo CameraShy4_zps897c5028.jpg

We didn't get a ton of pictures but I am happy with the ones we did get!

 photo 2003673_9_zps90dfff20.jpg

 photo 2003673_18_zps47341625.jpg

 photo 2003673_31_zps2769212f.jpg

 photo 2003673_45_zps9c1c639a.jpg
  photo 2003673_51_zpsdef8ba14.jpg

 photo 2003673_58_zpsa27c0f76.jpg

 photo 2003673_68_zpsf9420d25.jpg

 photo 2003673_71_zpsfcbe04b6.jpg

 photo 2003673_72_zps1f30bafd.jpg

 photo 2003673_81_zps6bc21d7a.jpg

 photo 2003673_91_zps454d6b38.jpg

 photo 2003673_99_zpsd9c01aab.jpg

 photo 2003673_126_zps11dbcbce.jpg

 photo 2003673_131_zps7ce11901.jpg


Olivia said...

Super cute photos!!

The Glad's said...

LOVE these! Your boys are so handsome! I can't believe how old Alex looks in the last photo! Crazy! We love Camera Shy. I've never been disappointed with pictures taken there.

Carissa and Tanner said...

Oh my gosh. I'm just seeing this post now. I LOVE these pics! Like all of them. So so so cute! You're a hottie!

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