Utah Before the Reunion

We were excited to head to Utah a few days before the reunion at Bear Lake and it worked out perfectly because it was Independence Day weekend. It was crazy to prepare to be gone from home for a month. We left on Thursday after Sam got home from work. We drove to Miles City and let the boys run around and got dinner.

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I got a few gifts for them and they asked for another gift every few minutes. I made the mistake of letting them see all of the wrapped presents so they weren't surprised. They knew exactly how many they would be getting, or exactly how many they did not yet have and they wanted them right now now now. It was really irritating.

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Then we drove to Billings to sleep for the night. We got there at 9pm local time. Edison turned on the heater in our hotel room and set off the smoke detector because it was burning dust. That was fun. Sam left to the gym and I read a book and then went to sleep.

The next morning was Independence Day. We were awake just after 6am and were on the road by 7:30am. Edison immediately started asking if we were almost there.

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After a long morning and afternoon of driving, we finally got to Layton at 4:30pm. Alex and Edison started hunting for bugs as soon as possible. It was last July that they were introduced to the idea of a bug jar and Grandma had a perfect jar saved for them this time.

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Their air conditioner was broken in the house so we played and ate dinner outside.

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Grandma is checking Edison's pulse, not strangling him.

 We played with sparklers and then went on the balcony to watch eleven firework shows. It was pretty cool. The boys got tired partway through and asked to go to bed.

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 We only had one opportunity to go to the temple this month and it was on July 5th. We woke up early and went to the 6:45am session. It was nice that we could let the boys sleep and only make the short drive to the Bountiful Temple. It was also great that Sam and I could attend a session at the same time. Total trip time: three hours!

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We hurriedly dressed the boys and then dropped them off at the Colton's house. The Coltons are our friends in Williston but Stephanie grew up with Sam in Layton. They happened to be in Utah for the 4th as well so it was perfect that the boys could play with their friends and we knew they were well taken care of. After they were dropped off, we headed back to the Bountiful Temple for Sam's cousin Hollie's wedding. I had met her once before and she is a total sweetheart. I met her husband in the sealing room; he is also really nice. The temple sealer was feeling very prophetic that day. He talked about their future callings in great detail. I was surprised he didn't name their kids for them. It was an incredibly special sealing.

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Dave, Marian, Grandma Stephenson

After the sealing, we went Layton again to pick up the boys. Then we drove to the Lion House Pantry in Salt Lake City for the wedding luncheon.

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After the luncheon, we went to City Creek Center so I could find a swimsuit and somehow the boys worked their Daddy and got a toy at the Disney store.

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That night was the reception in Bountiful. It was at the same place where Sam's sister Anna had her reception that Sam took me to for our third date. Special memories.

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Seth and Declan, Edison

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Reunited! Sam, Luke, Anna, and Declan

The bouquet was thrown and when the people cleared, the boys jumped in to collect some rose petals.

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On Sunday, we went to church and their ward has sacrament meeting last. The kids were the worst ever. Then after church someone came up to me and said hi and I turned around and it was Jody Stone! We were friends in Ithaca and I haven't seen her since we left. She lives in South Jordan now. It was so nice to see her and chat for a few minutes.

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Edison needed a nap after church.

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We ate dinner outside and there was a no jumping on the trampoline rule. That did not go well (as you can see in the background). There was nothing else for the kids to do and we sat out there for hours. It was frustrating.

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After the kids were in bed, we played Mexican Train and stayed up maybe a tad too late.

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The next morning, we went to West Jordan to get our family pictures done. When we got back, everyone got to play with their cousins.

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We ate dinner outside again then had a family photoshoot.

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Sam jumped on the trampoline with the kids for a long time. He wants to be the favorite uncle and he has to work hard to win over the Ohio nieces and nephews. I think he and Luke became good friends though.

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 We stayed up late again that night grocery shopping and repacking to get ready for the reunion the next day.

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