August Trip to Bismarck

I gave Laman and Lemuel a run for their money with all of the complaining I was doing on the drive to Bismarck. I wish I had a better attitude about making the trip sometimes. The drive is worth the result. Despite woe-is-me'ing the whole way there, it ended up being great. Sam went to the temple on Friday night and I got the boys in bed.

The next morning, Sam took the boys swimming.

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 photo BismarckAug2_zpsf6aeb6f4.jpg

 photo BismarckAug3_zpsed33987c.jpg
I went to the morning session. In my session was the same young man who had received his endowments in Sam's session the night before. He was preparing to leave on a mission to Baton Rouge. He had driven six hours to the temple and was voracious about the Gospel and willing to serve. I need to be more like him.

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Sam took Alex and Edison to see a movie and Declan and I went on a hunt for a skirt which I did not find. We got drenched by the rain though. It rained all weekend.

 photo BismarckAug5_zps50ae4658.jpg

We ate a late lunch at Texas Roadhouse and then hit the slippery road to Williston.

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