Happy 5th Birthday, Alex!

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Alex is setting a high standard for the rest of his siblings. He is a swell, incredible child. He cracks me up, he is sensitive, feisty, forgiving, and clever. He has a few of my bad characteristics but thankfully found a lot of really good ones somewhere. Alex milked his birthday today. There was a lot of "I'm the birthday boy" and "I get to do that because it's my birthday." A few months ago a little boy told Alex that his birthday was August 9th and Alex said, "Oh, that's nice. My birthday is August 1st so that means it's in charge of August." He really loves birthdays, just like his momma. Alex has a freakishly good sense of direction. He frequently asks which direction is north and he will even correct me sometimes and it makes me pull out my compass. He tells me if I miss turns while driving. He is a good, good kid. I am glad he is still willing to snuggle and be my little boy even though he is quickly becoming a big boy.

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We mentioned how Alex speaks maturely. He says a lot of things that make us laugh. I have to write them down in order to keep track of this crazy boy's thoughts:

Emily: What color are my eyes?
Alex: Brown. I have brown eyes, too!
Emily: Yep, you got your brown eyes from me. You look a lot like me.
Alex: Do I have dots on my face, too?

"Dad, come see! I did a forward flip over off of mom's bed!"

Edison: What are we having for dinner?
Emily: You're going to have a babysitter for dinner!
Alex: We are going to eat a babysitter for dinner?! Blach!

Alex: What are we going to do today?
Emily: We are going to hang out and be nice to each other.
Alex: I don't think Edison knows how to be nice.

"I want our family to be boy, boy, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl. Then we can all live in heaven together."

Alex: Do those cows have horns?
Emily: No. Bulls have horns.
Alex: What are bulls? You put cereal in bulls [bowls], not in animals.

"Last night I dreamed that I took off my toes and then all of the blood squished out of them." Umm, what?

Alex: What's for dinner?
Sam: We are having gyros. (He pronounced it "Heroes")
Alex: I want Batman.

"You have so many freckles; I can't even count all of them."

 Alex: Ow! I banged my toe!
Emily: I think you're being a little too wild.
Alex: Who said anything about being wild? I'm being crazy!


Carissa and Tanner said...

He does say funny funny stuff! Those are my favorite parts of all your blogs...the funny stuff your kids say!

Holly Decker said...

best kid ever!

Janelle said...

Are those ALL Alex's special rocks by the front door?

Emily said...

Alex and Edison's "collections" have been greatly reduced since that picture was taken. They were spread out of their piles and taking over our door so I made them each choose 10 to keep.

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