Back to School Feast 2014

Another summer has come and gone. Alex heading back to school means it's time for our second annual Back to School Feast.

 photo Feast1_zpsc5900522.jpg

 photo Feast2_zpsc75eb3c7.jpg

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After dinner, Sam gave Alex a Father's blessing.

 photo Feast5_zps8cce18ae.jpg

Of course Edison wanted one, too.

 photo Feast6_zps8b1e9f9f.jpg

Declan just wanted to be on the chair.

 photo Feast7_zpsa6138469.jpg

I introduced the boys to our new chore chart and Edison to his new school chart. I did not want to send Edison to school this year but I still want him to be learning something. I love how these times provide such a great opportunity to get organized and begin anew.

 photo Feast8_zps4885c88c.jpg

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