First Day of School

I am so excited for Alex. He is attending an amazing preschool and I have no doubts that he will make huge strides this year. He missed the North Dakota cutoff for kindergarten by one day. At first I was annoyed but it ended up being for the best. Kindergarten here is full day and that is way too long for my five-year-old! He goes to school four days a week for two-and-a-half hours each time. Alex is an incredible kid and it is hard to send him somewhere else for a few hours but I love hearing his excitement for school and coordinating his learning at home with his learning at school. He's growing up so fast!

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After his first day, he tried bringing home some goldfish crackers they had as a snack because he wanted to share them with me. He was so excited to give them to me and he reached his hand into his pocket and said, "Uh. Crumbles."

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Alex's teacher said, "Alex is doing really well. He is very bright." I knew that already but it is nice to hear from someone else.

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