Time for the random pictures that didn't fit anywhere else. Here are the miscellaneous pictures, in no particular order, from July and August.

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We went to Tucker Hiatt's birthday party and gave him a pile of Airheads because I babysat him one day and he refused to eat anything and kept saying, "I'm starving for an Airhead!"

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Declan is growing up way too quickly. He wants to do everything himself. He has the cutest little piggies.

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I took the boys straight to the library after working out and Declan was all tuckered out. He never falls asleep in our arms anymore. It was so precious.

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We spent many days playing around outside. 

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Or playing around inside. 

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 Why is a little kid drinking out of a straw so cute? I love the little lip pucker.

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Edison had a milk accident which I made him clean it up. He acted like it was the end of the world.

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Mother of the year award. I imagined it would feel differently.

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Family Skype that I love so much.

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I love cabinets getting emptied. I put everything in there so they can empty them again. It's so fun!

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Declan trying to blow up a balloon and poop simultaneously?

 photo Misc16_zpseb5645e1.jpg
Declan takes after Alex and eats apples almost completely.

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Alex and Evalet's masterpiece. Evalet's mom told me that one day she sighed and said, "Alex gave me flowers. He makes me so happy."

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I have no idea why I took Declan to the park dressed like that.

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Alex is always creating something.

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Declan! Stop the climbing!

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A new park had a grand opening so we went for hot dogs and face painting.

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We have a weekly play date at the park with friends. They miss playgroup because they are in school so these play dates make it so Alex can still see them.

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Sam found this old computer game and played late into the night. For only two nights. Thank goodness.

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The weather was so nice so we set up a table and ate many dinners in the garage.

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 We went to Tyke Time at the ARC and had the place to ourselves.

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The boys found the tiniest of frogs in our front yard and it became their best friend.

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Edison looks a lot like Lightning McQueen!

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Sam had to go to Girls Camp to be the Priesthood holder there overnight so he took the boys to camp with him.

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A rare play time where no one was on top of another person.

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The best view is from the sill.

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Sam took the boys to the Guns vs. Hoses (police vs. firemen) softball game.

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Squeezing in for a walk where they do very little walking.

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Olivia said...

I still think those Airheads were the BEST gift ever! Tucker loved them!

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