Potty Trained

Once upon a time, Sam was camping with Alex and Edison. They walked over to the trees to pee and Sam told Edison that if he learned how to pee in the potty, he would be able to pee in the trees with them. Edison replied, "It's okay. I peed in my diaper with you guys."

That's what I was dealing with while trying to potty train Edison. He had zero interest in it. I hoped my mom would potty train Edison while we were in Scotland. I also wanted her to teach Alex how to read and play the piano. She was busy doing other things like cleaning up throw up so I came back to an Edison still in diapers.

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Emily: Guess whose underwear is on backwards.
Edison: I don't know.
Emily: His name starts with an E.
Edison: I'm not sure.
Emily: It ends with an -Dison.
Edison: A dinosaur?
Emily: So close.

Mid-August, I put Edison in underwear and he had no accidents! I put him in a diaper for his nap but then he was back in underwear when he woke up. We went on a walk and he stayed dry. After we got home, he was playing and he yelled, "I am peeing!" I ran and grabbed him and sprinted into the bathroom. I saw his underwear was only a little wet and I was congratulating him on stopping the pee and then a mass of poop plopped out of his underwear. Boo. I almost called it quits then.

Within a few weeks he was having no accidents and had no qualms about going in the potty. I started leaving him in underwear for nap time and he woke up dry every day. About a month after his first day, we left him in underwear for church. We forgot to take him to the restroom before dropping him off at nursery and we were shocked when we picked him up and he was dry.

Overall, Sam and I have been amazed. Getting Edison potty trained was easier than I could have dreamed. I think it took three days for him to be totally potty training. I guess that's what happens when you are almost three-and-a-half. He loves using the "I need to go potty" excuse to get out of timeout but seeing him so proud of himself makes me happy.

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