Watching Harv

I have loved this kid since before he was born. Maybe since before he was even in his mommy's belly? He is such a cute, sweet little baby and he is growing up fast! Carissa was having a hard time finding permanent childcare for him while she worked so I offered to have him play with us. She was hesitant because, hello, mother-of-three over here. I only watched Harvey for 20 days and it was hard to let him go, but the perfect opportunity fell into her lap and I didn't want her to miss it. We all miss having Harvey around though. My kids ask about him daily. Luckily we still get to have play dates with him on Carissa's days off.

 photo Harv1_zps299bff89.jpg

 photo Harv2_zps6d775f16.jpg

 photo Harv3_zpsecbead7b.jpg

 photo Harv4_zps25234ba8.jpg

 photo Harv5_zps6002651c.jpg

 photo Harv6_zpsdd5d29ab.jpg

 photo Harv7_zps7a43262c.jpg

 photo Harv8_zps4a0567c6.jpg

 photo Harv9_zpsa140c749.jpg

 photo Harv10_zps7db9bce2.jpg

 photo Harv11_zpsd953e737.jpg


Holly Decker said...

he fits right in!

Carissa and Tanner said...

Ohhh! Cute!!! I never saw some of these. I miss you watching him...

Carissa and Tanner said...

Also he looks so LITTLE in these. What the heck!?

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