Declan Baby Goes to Nursery

We have been looking forward to this day for weeks. Maybe even months. Pretty much Declan's entire life. You have to be 18 months old to go to nursery and Declan was super active and not 18 months old. He had gone in a few times if Sam or I were subbing in nursery and I knew he would have no qualms about us leaving him. His nursery leaders just rave on and on about how great Declan is in there.

 photo Nursery1_zps07ce4e38.jpg

Our nursery is divided based on last name so Edison and Declan get to be in nursery together for a few weeks together before Edison goes into Sunbeams in January. I love seeing them in there together. Sam really appreciates the nursery leaders because he was the one who was always walking the halls with Declan while I am with the bigger kids in primary. Hallelujah for Declan being born 18 months ago!

 photo Nursery2_zpsdbbacb53.jpg

 photo Nursery3_zpsdc556659.jpg

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