Fire Station Open House

Sam met us for lunch and then we walked over to the fire station for a tour. The boys were so excited to climb into every single fire truck and ambulance. They had a million questions at every turn and the volunteer firefighter seemed bemused.

 photo FireStation1_zps166296fc.jpg

 photo FireStation2_zps049d0cb6.jpg

 photo FireStation3_zpsbec753bf.jpg

 photo FireStation4_zpsfabe3e46.jpg

 photo FireStation5_zpsab911b0e.jpg

The dummy was very fascinating to the boys. Declan was banging on his chest trying to resuscitate him.

 photo FireStation6_zps18025dc7.jpg

A few hours later we came back for the parade. All of the water trucks, fire trucks, and ambulances line up, turn on their sirens, and drive down the road. It was short and sweet. If eardrums can be bruised (can they?) then mine are, but it was awesome!

 photo FireStation7_zps673096b8.jpg

 photo FireStation8_zps67970d56.jpg

 photo FireStation9_zps59156f3b.jpg

 photo FireStation10_zpse6070d3b.jpg

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