Getting to the Temple

October was the busiest month I can remember in recent years. It was insane. Every day was packed full of things to plan, organize, or do. I knew we needed to prioritize getting to the temple or it would not happen. Sam was going on a work trip to Calgary so we planned for him to go to the temple while there and I went to Bismarck on a Thursday.

I invited a couple of friends to drive with me but they were busy. I dropped off the boys to Olivia's house at 1pm and then started the drive to Bismarck. When I asked Olivia if she would be willing to watch them for a few hours, she practically threw a party. I felt like I was doing her a favor even though she was totally going out of her way for me. Sam picked up the boys just before 5pm and took Alex to swim lessons.

 photo OctTemple1_zpsac48622b.jpg

I went to the 5:45pm session. It was the best temple session I have been to in a long time. I know that reflects on me and not the actual session since it is the same every time. But it felt perfect this time. I had a four hour dance party as I drove home. I got home at 12:20am and Sam was sound asleep.

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 Sam's work trip in Calgary was really busy and he never got a chance to go to the temple. He went to Minneapolis a few days after getting back from Calgary but couldn't get to the St. Paul temple either. The only day he could possibly drive to Bismarck was the 30th. He did not really want to make the drive but I forced him because we go every month. So he went and bought a new jacket in Bismarck while he was there. (He didn't buy the one pictured.)

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I know some people can just go to the temple and it is easy for them. It just happens or is habit. That is not the case for us. We have to plan it a month in advance and then everything goes wrong as we try to get there. It might be easier one day if we live nearer a temple but it might not be. There is a good chance that we will always struggle with prioritizing going to the temple. Some things are worth doing even when they are hard and this is one of those things for us.

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