I have already mentioned the month of insanity that was October. I will recap all of our Halloween festivities later but for now, here are the random other things.

As of October 1st, the three musketeers share a room.

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The light is changing and it makes for some beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

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I love seeing my boys playing together.

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Alex had school pictures. He is such a stud.

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They took class pictures on a different day and I forgot about them so he was wearing a shirt with words (the bane of my existence).

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Declan has learned how to climb up on our bed. He likes to bring a snack and make himself comfortable.

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A little boy in Alex's class brought these apples for his birthday snack. Alex's head almost exploded. Apples and TMNT? Dreams came true that day.

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Usually when Edison and Declan take a nap, I let Alex watch Netflix on Sam's old phone. But Sam and I got new phones and we mailed in our old ones to get a rebate. When I told Alex he wouldn't be able to watch shows anymore, he was not pleased.

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Declan copies his brothers.

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I have the cutest boys. No doubt about it. Lucky me because they love snuggling!

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Declan is the most reverent during prayers.

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Edison stepped off of the sidewalk and scraped up his face on the asphalt. It sounded painful.

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I went out to dinner with some friends and had a great night.

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Jenn Naea, Karen Moore, Emily

My kids are killer cute.

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Alex loves when I tell him that he was my first baby.

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We got memberships to the ARC this month. I have been going almost every day. The kids beg to go to "child's care" and I love working out!

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I was watching some teenagers ride the FlowRider and I got totally soaked.

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Declan wanted to eat some of whatever I had on my lips.

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Because this month was wackadoodle, my house was a chronic disaster.

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We love library story time!

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October means pomegranates. My favorite!

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I accidentally bought skinny jeans for Declan and I love them. His little legs and big diaper. It's just too cute.

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I have no self control so if I want soft pretzels, I make them.

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The warm days are winding down and we are trying to take advantage of the ones we have left.

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David is doing great on his mission in Rochester. He is still weird but he is happy.

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Sam went on a work trip to Calgary. After dropping him off at the airport, I had this conversation with Alex.
Alex: When will Daddy get home?
Emily: Five days. [Then I realized the kids would already be asleep by the time his flight arrived so I amended my statement.] Six days.
Alex: Ah! Edison, it keeps getting worse!

Sam's trip involved some team building activities including bowling. Canadian bowling uses a tiny ball.

 photo Misc37_zps8a64fc10.jpg

They went up the Calgary Tower.

 photo Misc38_zps1434d99a.jpg

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On the last day before catching their flights home, they went out for Chinese food.

 photo Misc40_zpsc738819c.jpg

Sam was thrilled that he found good char-siu. A coworker learned that he loves Chrysanthemum tea but the restaurant did not have any so she went to a Chinese shop and found some for him. He used to drink that all the time on his mission because it was one of the few things people offered that missionaries were allowed to drink.

 photo Misc41_zps84107b00.jpg

Sam took one picture on his trip to Minneapolis and it was of the kangaroo he ate.

 photo Misc42_zpsc3030aba.jpg 

This has nothing to do with this post but since everything here is random, I am just going to add it. I love windmills. Love them. They always make me think of Don Quixote and that makes me laugh. But windmills at night are a different story. They freak me out. Freaky, freaky windmills. The end.


Olivia said...

Ok, windmills?? That was random....

Janelle said...

You said you loved working out, and the next picture has "sweat" running down your face. Then I see the caption about the flowrider. Ha.
I wish I could excuse my chronic disaster kitchen on a wackadoodle month, but alas, I have no excuse.

Carissa and Tanner said...

That sunset picture is the coolest I think I've ever seen. Nice!

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