Run, Kick, Fall

Alex and Edison both played soccer this year. Edison was in the younger age group where the parents still play with the kids. Alex was old enough to play all by himself. Both age groups were pretty entertaining to watch. Sometimes the boys wanted to play on the dirt hill more than on the soccer field. But I like putting them in team sports so they can learn about working together and also learn that it is not the end of the world when someone takes the ball from you. I want to yell that last part. Devastation sets in when someone else takes their ball. Hopefully the competitive spirit will develop or I will probably be the screaming mom on the sidelines as her kid does cartwheels on the field.

 photo Soccer1_zps4cc392f9.jpg

 photo Soccer2_zps0ed66f5f.jpg
Squirmy wormy

 photo Soccer3_zps3da5aa9b.jpg

 photo Soccer4_zpsfa4650a6.jpg

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Holly Decker said...

your boys are adorable!!!!!

Janelle said...

When will kid sport leaders remember that they are coaching KIDS and order KID size shirts instead of adult size? It looks like they are wearing dresses. It also looks like they are a having a lot of fun.

Janelle said...
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