Seeing Williston

Williston is dirty. If I wash our car, it is dirty after only a short drive. The lines on the road get repainted and they are hardly visible through the layers of dirt and grime that settle on them. The dirtiness is exacerbated by the snow, so big piles of muddy ice are in every corner of parking lots. There are a ton of trucks on the road and they are covered in and/or carrying dirt. It used to be really intimidating to drive alongside a bunch of large trucks but I've gotten used to it now. This city was not made to handle the amount of traffic it has so the summer months are filled with overlapping construction zones as roads are widened and repaired. Sam and I have had several good laughs because we will point out clean vehicles to each other when we see them. A washed car grabs our attention around here.

 photo Seeing1_zps3da34073.jpg
Ours has never been this bad.

 photo Seeing2_zps17d5e08c.jpg

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