I signed up Alex for level three of swim lessons even though I knew he would fail miserably. I expect him to take this level three or four times because this is where they are learning strokes. Alex was very clearly the youngest in his class. There were a few 10-year-olds in the class and then there was my little five-year-old. He was having so much fun and didn't seem to notice that he was smaller than the other swimmers.

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His coaches were so good with the kids. Teaching strokes to kids who have no basis for them is pretty impressive. While teaching freestyle they had the kids say, "Shark fin, rainbow." Breaststroke followed the pattern of "Monkey, airplane, rocket."

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When his coaches gave us the paper saying that he needed to stay in level 3, they were so apologetic. It was funny because we knew he was not going to pass. I was so surprised because he was much closer to passing than I had anticipated. He only had trouble with the back stuff.

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 Seeing Alex succeed makes me so proud. He is really good at so many things. I am excited to watch him excel even more in the things that he is interested in.

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