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Kirsten and I talked about doing a couples only game night two months ago while we were on a double date. I had been looking forward to it. We hired a babysitter for three-and-a-half hours and went over to the Kohn's. It ended up being even better than I expected! We had such a fun time and I wished we had hired a babysitter until later because we had to leave but a few other people were there for two more hours! We are hoping to make this a regular thing. There were six fabulous couples there (I am including Sam and me in the fabulous count): Burgons, Mabeus', Kohns, Pettingills, Naeas, and Merkleys.

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The next day, we went to see Big Hero 6 as a family. The theater was packed and it was so fun to hear all of the little kids giggling during the movie. I enjoyed it as well. The boys were great until the end when we made them sit through the credits and the theater was almost emptied. We always wait to see if there is something after the credits and this time there was so it was worth it!

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Creepy eyes, everyone!

That night, I went to a friend's house to watch Maleficent. It was fun to spend the night with so many awesome ladies. We didn't start the movie until 9:30pm and then there was a lot of chatting so it was a late night!

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Sharla Pettingill, Anneliese Fix, Julie Nazer, Kirsten Kohn, Jenn Naea, Jenice Schell, Candice Angle, Hilery Thurgood, Vanessa Lowe, Karen Moore, Becky Hamrick, Jenny Isom


Janelle said...

We just watched that tonight.

Paxton said...

We always stay till the end credits too! Our kids like to dance in front of the screen while the credits play.... It was a lot cuter when they were younger though ;-P

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