Seeing Williston

I am going to reach far back in my memories of Williston for some of these stories but I am just going to write them down so I can dismiss them from my brain.

Two summers ago, the power went out in the middle of sacrament meeting. The Bishop said that church would be over after sacrament meeting if the power didn't come back on by then. It got pretty hot very quickly and the power never came back on. Sitting a dark chapel with a couple hundred people was weird. It was also very strange to be home at 10am having already gone to church.

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I love to see the temple... at Walmart?

Another church story: While walking into church, I held open the door for three men. Two were leading the third who was blindfolded and his wrists taped together. I thought that was strange but figured it was part of a lesson. During sacrament meeting, the three sat quietly in the back. After the closing song, they started walking toward the pulpit. A few guys stood up and ushered them out of the doors toward the front of the chapel. I later learned that he wanted to preach to us because he had received revelation that he needed to unify all of the Christian churches. That was weird even by Williston standards.

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Sometimes people here talk funny. Even the way they say, "North Dakota" has a certain twang to it. But the thing that gets me every time is when they say, "For cute" or "For party." As an example...
Me: My kids love fishing but they really love playing with worms.
North Dakotan: For cute!
Me: Uhm.

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One day my hands were freezing while I was washing fruit so I took the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet. It was 47.1°F. Brrrr!

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Paxton said...

Haha, I love learning local slang!!!! How do people use "for party"? That is bizarre!
Here in New England everyone says "wicked" all the time like "that is wicked awesome or wicked hilarious" and "fresh" as in "don't be so fresh" where I would say "don't be a brat"

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