Christmas on the Road

I was sad to leave Williston before Christmas since we had planned to stay there and do our own little Christmas with just the five of us. However, it worked out perfectly for the move to happen over Christmas so we could travel through Utah and Arizona on our way to Texas. It would have been nice to fly to Texas and have our car shipped but I am glad it all worked out.

Our time in Utah was very limited since we did not want to be driving on Christmas Eve. We only had one full day there but we used it well.

 photo Christmas1_zpswceriews.jpg

We played in the basement.

 photo Christmas2_zpsxep22rjn.jpg

 photo Christmas3_zps2alsfpkh.jpg

 photo Christmas4_zpshwiynmjm.jpg

We wandered around the mall.

 photo Christmas10_zpsilkfcsef.jpg

We went to Emily Sarah's house for dessert. The boys loved her guinea pigs. Unfortunately, one of them died the next day. She has assured me that it was not due to the boys petting it; it had not been eating for a few days.

 photo Christmas7_zpsic9ftrwu.jpg

We drove to Layton City Park to see the lights. Edison had not taken a nap that day and he fell asleep and missed all of the lights!

 photo Christmas6_zpslwd6i3y0.jpg

We also drove through a few neighborhoods to see their amazing lights.

 photo Christmas5_zpsljzh0ntm.jpg

After looking at Christmas lights, we played games back at Sam's parents' house.

 photo Christmas8_zpsb5zpwc4q.jpg

 photo Christmas9_zpsxdueinon.jpg

Declan was not feeling well and he ended up spending time snuggling with me. I eventually fell asleep. I was devastated when I realized the next day that I had forgotten to read my scriptures. It was the first day I had missed in more than three years. That means I read every single day we lived in Williston. I get sick to my stomach thinking about this. It really had become a habit but then I mixed up my routine and it was left out. I added it back again the next day and I am planning to keep this streak going for a long time.

 photo Christmas11_zpsujndbxva.jpg

We left Layton at 9am and got to Mesa at 8pm. It was nice to arrive when everyone was still awake. I unloaded the car and did some TurboKick in the family room. 

 photo Christmas12_zpsucvoloso.jpg

The next morning, I left the house bright and early to go to my Aunt Alexis' Jazzercise class. She has been teaching Jazzercise my entire life and I had never been to one of her classes. My recent interest in group exercise made it a must for me to go to her class.

 photo Christmas13_zpsmpjtrwzd.jpg
Makenzie and Emily

The boys disappeared into the backyard with their cousins and I would not see them for long periods of time.

 photo Christmas21_zpsefcxkid1.jpg

I finally went golfing with the family this year. I have sat out the past few times because of nursing babies or just sheer laziness. It was fantastic. We played Best Ball. I was on a team with Papa, Stuart, and Harrison.

 photo Christmas14_zpsb60hpzkh.jpg

 photo Christmas16_zps7egq3ojl.jpg

 photo Christmas15_zpsnoq0bryl.jpg
I love my Papa!

 photo Christmas17_zpsyyoobmgo.jpg

 photo Christmas18_zpsu6fu3zbe.jpg

The boys ran around like crazy in the yard. It was so nice to escape the snow!

 photo Christmas19_zpsnteyc8yf.jpg

I am going to be very sad when the boys grow out of these sweaters.

 photo Christmas20_zpsvimekyr2.jpg

Nothing is better for smashing fingers than a good pool table.

 photo Christmas22_zpshzvwcdhv.jpg

We had to reenact the Nativity. This is my favorite Christmas tradition. Alex was Joseph and Shelbey was Mary. Flannel was the donkey...

 photo Christmas23_zps7ll5ymxb.jpg

 photo Christmas24_zpsf6exaynv.jpg

 photo Christmas25_zpsntuvt3wl.jpg

 photo Christmas26_zpsoc3rhpdf.jpg

 photo Christmas30_zpsl4q4pqed.jpg

 photo Christmas27_zpsqxeeqpdx.jpg
Meggie, Papa, Adam, Stuart, AnnMarie

 photo Christmas28_zps3t4iv1nd.jpg
Sheldon, Michelle, Harrison

 photo Christmas29_zpsgloejgu3.jpg
Shelbey and Flannel

They all loved their Christmas Eve gift this year. Cutest little superheroes. I do not usually let them wear clothes like this so it was a special treat.

 photo Christmas31_zpsp2mj05fu.jpg

 photo Christmas32_zps8non4iob.jpg

Papa and Gramma had gifts for each of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Papa had made these amazing pictures and Alex was thrilled that he got the dog one.

 photo Christmas33_zpsqpucxpv8.jpg

Before heading to bed, we checked out the tree one last time. I love twinkling lights.

 photo Christmas34_zps7gplfk6c.jpg

The next morning, we headed out to the living room at 7:45am. We were all nice and cozy in the small room.

 photo Christmas35_zpsnd0uiohn.jpg

 photo Christmas36_zpsrwtllen9.jpg

 photo Christmas37_zpsjnazln3c.jpg

 photo Christmas38_zpsi5aev3it.jpg

 photo Christmas39_zpsdrhvilml.jpg

 photo Christmas40_zpskcjqnewa.jpg
Such a thoughtful gift from Karen Moore

 photo Christmas41_zpsg6fs9jcs.jpg

We also got to Skype with Elder David in New York.

 photo Christmas42_zpsljgrqngu.jpg

Declan and I took long naps. I had a stomach ache and my old room has a very comfortable bed!

 photo Christmas43_zpsdzxz9x18.jpg

Aunt Shelbey is so good with her nephews.

 photo Christmas44_zpseq44oxlb.jpg

I went through all of my mom's bookshelves and took as many books as we could fit in our car. It was packed to maximum capacity. I practically had books on my lap on the drive to Oklahoma.

 photo Christmas45_zps2n7aeo92.jpg

That night, we were watching movie trailers on the computer. I was standing next to Shelbey. I saw Sam walk up but then he didn't come around Shelbey and stand by me. That was because he had his arm around Shelbey. So awkward. I think I was more uncomfortable than either Shelbey or Sam though.

The next day, Sam, Dad, Mom, and I went to the 7:30am session at the Mesa Temple. This was our first time doing an endowment session there. When we set a goal at the beginning of the year to go to the temple once a month I was not sure if we would be able to do it. I am so glad we were able to achieve that goal and I have felt a difference in my life. It was sweet to end the year in the same temple where we had been sealed six-and-a-half years earlier.

 photo Christmas46_zpsfkaylvui.jpg

The boys were outside all morning trying to break their necks on the trampoline.

 photo Christmas47_zpswzetidhr.jpg

We left Mesa at 11:30am because we had to pack after we got home from the temple. The whole drive I was wondering if maybe we should have stayed in Mesa for another day or two. But it was done and we were on our way to our new home.

 photo Christmas48_zpsakleadbp.jpg

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