December Dates

This month I got to take Edison on a date. We headed to the bowling alley for the first portion of our date. It was weird to think this would be our last time in that bowling alley because we have spent many summer hours there.

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We went and got frozen yogurt. Edison said he was getting brain freeze so I put my thumb on the roof of his mouth to help. Suddenly his body went completely limp and he collapsed onto my lap. A few seconds later he lifted his head and said, "What just happened." Ummm, you passed out, kid. It was freaky.

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We walked over to Harmon Park to see the lights. It was a cold night and the park was spookily empty. Edison was only wearing a sweater so I snuggled him in my coat.

 photo DecDates5_zpss2yce5hj.jpg

Sam and Alex got frozen yogurt on their date and then went to Walmart to buy a toy, the top date choice. I have absolutely no clue what else those kids did on their date.

 photo DecDates6_zpshntjxepu.jpg

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And that completes one full year of monthly dates with our kids. I think this is the start to a beautiful tradition. The boys love it and we love it. I hope we are able to keep up with it as kids get older and schedules get busier. Declan is asking to be added into the rotation so we will need to figure out a way to make that work, too.

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